Why everyone's giving Gleam 5 stars.

You can see it on written all over their faces

Katie is UNBELIEVABLE. Not only is she an outrageously creative and talented face-painter, but she’s incredibly professional and easy to work with. She brings everything she needs, and is very self-sufficient. Even her little face-painting stand is a beautiful masterpiece. She’s the best face-painter I’ve ever experienced (really and truly, and I’ve been producing events for a long time....) and I’d happily recommend her to anyone.
— Stephanie, Producer of Daybreaker SF

Katie has painted so many of my friends it’s hard to count. She connects and then expresses something unique and ineffable in such a reliably astonishing way that is both delightful and moving. I can’t recommend her enough, you won’t be disappointed.
— Gever, Founder of Brightworks

For real, with this woman’s art on ya face, you feel like you can do ANYTHING. Highly recommended.
— Nina C.

I hired Katie (Gleamify) to paint faces at an anniversary celebration for the venue where I work, and she blew me away. She was flexible with our schedule, easy to communicate with, and brought a whole array of artistic flair to make the face painting that much more special.

We are an all ages venue, and Katie worked amazingly with kids as young as 3, and with adults much much older than that :) And everyone got exactly what they wanted - she was creative, gentle, and thoughtful, creating a unique look for everyone.
— Ilana L., Community Manager of The Hall SF

Wowee this lady is gifted! Her art transformed me. Truly the most stunning and inspired art work on faces I’ve ever seen, let alone had the honor of rocking. Get her to your event!! She will sprinkle her gleamification magic all over it and bring a rainbow palate of joy.
— Shana R., Ideate